Wildfire Disaster Advisory (WDFA)

Wildfire Disaster Advisory (WDFA)

The Wildfire Disaster Advisory, also known as the WDFA, is a brand new disclosure provided by the California Association of Realtors. The single page disclosure was released in June of 2019. 

CAR’s intended use for the Wildfire Disaster Advisory disclosure is for properties that are in or around areas affected by a wildfire. This disclosure has become especially important after the increased frequency of fires in the State of California. 

The disclosure usages is for both lease and sale real estate transactions. 

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Wildfire Disaster Advisory Disclosure Breakdown

WDFA document sample

Wildfire Disasters

Buyers and or Lessee is aware that due to the recent wildfires there may be current and unresolved health and safety issues. This also includes any future concerns related to the rebuilding of infrastructure. 

Wildfire Disaster Concerns and Issues

List of concerns and issues (but not limited to) that may impact Buyer or Lessee decisions about purchasing:

  • Lot cleaning costs and requirements for toxic materials and debris removal
  • Local, state and federal requirements for cleanup and building approvals
  • Air quality, soil quality, environmental and personal health concerns
  • Timelines, costs and requirements for building permits for building and utilities
  • Insurance related issues, even with procurement of insurance
  • Access to public or private utilities; electricity, gas, sewer, and others
  • Water delivery and quality; septic and sewer design; requirements and costs
  • Potential redesign of roads and other important infrastructure. Eminent domain is a possibility.
  • Delays due to road construction can impede access of various goods and services.
  • May result in declarations from federal, state, or local agencies that can impact material prices, rents, and other costs. 

Buyer/Lessee Advisories

Buyers and Lessees are advised that the areas nearby to the property will most likely be under construction that may cause many types of inconveniences. There are possible changes to laws, codes, or requirements in wildfire disaster areas. 

Buyers and Lessees are highly encouraged to investigate any and all concerns about the intended usage of the property and to determine if insurance is obtainable. 


List of starting point resources for Buyer and Lessee investigations. The list provided is not an endorsement or guarantee that it will provide complete advice. 

California Department of Insurance (Wildfire Resource)

Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES)

California Department of Forestry and Fire (Cal Fire)

California Department of Transportation

California Attorney General

The American Institute of Architects (Wildfire Recovery Resources)

Signature Requirements for the WDFA

Buyer or Lessees are required to sign this form. 

signature block for WDFA

Page 1: Buyer or Lessee name, signature, and date of signature

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Disclaimer: This article is meant to educate, inform, and comment on a document that is protected by the United States copyright law. This article is only our interpretation of the subject document. We advise the reader to consult their broker or agent on any questions they may have. The reader is also advised to reach out to the California Association of Realtors for any additional information.

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